Sunday, February 26, 2006

More Recent Swaps

this is my most recently completed project.They are for a Cake,Cookie,Pastry themed can't see the little sequins I added....8-( Actually, right before I mailed these out I added stamps of little black ants to them...sort of an ode to the fact that i have these exact little monsters running in my house right now..but i got some Terro and that should take care of the little mothers.

I joined a watercolor swap and came up with these 5...the vegetable ones went out for the swap and the other two went to a PIF/PIB swap i did.

these are for a Pirate Joke swap..I call them "The Standup Pirate"...what's a pirates favorite leeter in the alphabet? RRRrrrrrrr.....

I was very pleased with the way these came out.I stenciled the images onto the cards and added punched designs using some paper I handpainted with pearlescent paints.These are for a Crow themed swap.

These were for a Critters and Beasties swap

This is a new Pringles can swap that I just participated in...these are all the goodies that I made and sent.

For a Handdrawn swap

These were for a Purple/Blue themed swap

These were done for an AlTeReD photo swap

these were done for a Sugar and Spice swap

These were all done for recent swaps on

ATC's from past swaps

More ATC's from past swaps